Compact-A-Wrap Semi-Automatic Labeller


Compact A Wrap is a portable semi automatic Labeller. It is designed to apply one or two labels to round – parallel sided containers. If required, a clever orientation device allows Over Labelling or Registration Labelling.

It is industrially built and provides unparalleled productivity without compromising quality. Built for ease of use and long term reliability the Compact-a-Wrap is as tough as it looks, made from Stainless Steel and Aluminium. It is very simple to operate and set up. All die cut labels, whether they are clear or opaque, are able to be applied by Compact-a-Wrap.It is very simple to operate and set up and unlike other semi automatic Labellers it rewinds the backing paper as you work. All die cut labels, whether they are clear or opaque, are able to be applied by Compact-a-Wrap.

NEW 2021 model now comes with LionEye2 label gap sensor and long label delay as standard. Note if applying clear labels you will need to upgrade the sensor to a clear label sensor – this is plug and play.


  • Wine Bottle Labelling – Front & Back, full wrap or Over-Label pre-labelled bottles
  • Aerosol Can Labeller – with label/s oriented to a seam, full or partial wrap
  • Plastic or Glass Bottle Applicator – Front & Back, full wrap or add spot labels to pre-labelled bottles (opt)
  • Poison or Embossed Bottles – One or Two labels oriented relative to embossing (opt)
  • Plastic Bottles Applicator – One or Two labels oriented relative to the seam of plastic bottles.
  • Syringes and Vials – Front & Back, or full wrap labels


    240v 10AMP






Additional information



  • Round container only
  • Foot Print Dim’ W330 x L600
  • Overall Dim’ W360 x L720 x H500 – 35kg
  • Power Requirements 240V 10 amp
  • Minimum diameter 25mm (1 inch)
  • Maximum diameter 150mm (6 inches)

Supported labels

  • Single, Front & back, or wrap-around labels.
  • Pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted, Fan folded.
  • Opaque, clear, Translucent.

Supported label sizes.

  • Max’ Roll Diameter 300mm – 76 Core
  • Product Diameter Min’ 25mm – Max’ 150mm*
  • Label Height Max’ 180mm
  • Label Length Min 15mm – 220mm*
  • Throughput up 20 per minute**
    * Specials can be accommodated – Please ask if sizes not exactly to your requirements
    ** Product, Label & Operator Dependent

Label Direction – 3, 4, 7, 8


Australia Wide Service

02 9987 1871


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