Celebrating over 27 years 1994-2021 as Australia's original packaging equipment hire specialists, delivering high quality filling machines, capping machines, sealers and labelling equipment throughout Australia. 


We have a range of applications to suit your packaging needs


ICP-AC1 PLC Auto Capper.

Based on the solid and proven ICP-AC1 range of auto capers, the PLC version is a leap forward in the evolution of what has shown to be already a high-quality caper. PLC version allows for finer tuning of the caper with up to 8 different timer functions. More importantly, the ability to accurately recall previous settings for easy changeover of different containers/caps.

PLC functions include multiple timer controls for every function on the machine, allowing the user to fine-tune each function. Also gives the ability to hold a sensor signal or make the jaws steady the container before the air motor descends and, more importantly, the ability to recall the previous setting into the PLC, saving the need to re-calibrate the machine on every change-over. 


RENTAFILL is excited to introduce Kleintek Pty Ltd as an agent for Rentafill hire equipment in Melbourne and surrounding Victorian areas.
Kleintek is a specialized consulting company with over 25 years of knowledge and experience across various industries, inc - pharmaceutical, packaging, beverage and FMCG industries.

The addition of Kleintek in Melbourne as an agent for RENTAFILL adds a unique opportunity for technical assistance and onsite support in Melbourne and surrounding Victorian areas.

Why rent your packaging equipment from Rentafill?

Renting from Australia's original & most trusted supplier of packaging machines makes a lot of sense. Whether you're starting in business, your business is expanding, or you need to maintain a fleet of the latest and most efficient filling machines, capping machines, tube sealers or labellers, we've got you covered.
We offer a vast range of industry-leading packaging equipment and accessories for filling, capping, sealing and labelling all types and of products from 2.5ml to over 5 litres.
Established in 1994, Rentafill is 100% Australian owned family business and has one of the largest rental fleet of packaging equipment in Australia.