RV-5 Pneumatic Volumetric Filling Machine (500ml – 5 litre)


The RV-5 is a bench model 5 litre volumetric filling machine.

Fully adjustable for speed and volume control, it can handle fill sizes from 500mL to 5 litres in one stroke. It features bottom-up fill and positive shut-off nozzle as standard.
Can also be setup with a 2 litre cylinder to fill volume from 200ml to 2 litre.
Suitable for any free flowing products and it is self-priming from a floor tank or can be supplied from overhead tank or pump feed. Suitable for hot filling and food products, including products with particles in suspension.

70 KG +








  • Foot switch operation
  • Automation for use with conveyor for inline filling
  • Programmable cycle for multiple fills (10L 20L etc)
  • Spool-valve for hot filling
  • Bottom up fill (BUF)
  • Positive shutoff nozzle (PSO)


  • Flame proof – pneumatically operated
  • All stainless steel construction
  • 316 stainless steel contact parts
  • Self-priming from floor level tank
  • Individual fill and re-charge control
  • Quick and easy volume adjustment
  • Strip for cleaning and re-assembles in minutes
  • positive shut off nozzle (POS)
  • Bottom up fill operation (BUF)
  • Automatic cycling or foot pedal operation
  • Fills from 500ml – 5000mls
  • Ease of use

Australia Wide Service

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