Asset AV3 Twin Cylinder Automatic Filler


The Asset AV3Series of automatic filling machines offer a simple-to-operate heavy duty design with a proven history of reliability and ease of cleaning.

The versatility of this all pneumatic machine has been enhanced with a completely new compact design volume adjustment and cylinder assembly incorporating a revolutionary Rotary Valve system. The rotary valve system handles products from thin liquids to creams and thick pastes, even products with soft suspended solids. The cylinder design enables quicker dismantling, and easier, more thorough cleaning of wetted parts. Various product supply methods can be used according to nature of product or customer preference, hopper, suction hose to elevated or floor level tank, or pressure feed from an external pump.

Asset AV3 twin cylinder automatic version includes trolley mounted with lockable castors, suitable for attaching to clients conveyor or Rentafill can supply a conveyor to suit. AV32C comes complete with No Bottle/No Fill safety device and Container Gating.

Ideal for use in the food industry for filling sauces (hot or cold), pate, dairy products, honey, cake mix and dessert fillings. With fill rates from 5ml – 1250ml.


80 KG +








  • Dimensions 100cm Wide x 140cm Deep x 170cm High
  • Weight approximately 75kg
  • Air pressure required 600KPa or 0.6MPa
  • Air consumption approximately 10 cubic feet per minute


  • Bottom up fill nozzle assembly
  • All 316 stainless and food grade plastic contact parts
  • Fully pneumatic – flame proof
  • Full range of interchangeable cylinder sizes from 50ml – up to 1,000ml
  • Easy strip down and cleaning – dismantles and re-assembles in minutes
  • Easy operation and adjustment
  • Highly accurate filling  ± 0.5% or better


  • Spool valves for hot filling
  • 50L stainless steel hopper
  • Various styles of interchangeable nozzles for different applications
  • Different size hose inlets

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