ICP-M2 2 Head Multi Filler (without BUF)


NEW ICP-M2 Multi filler with attached stainless table.

This high quality heavy duty machine, built and designed in Australia by ICP packaging Machines Australia.

ICP-M2 incorporates 2 volumetric filling cylinders with spool valves, which allows for ability to fill 2 containers at the 1 time.

Purpose of the 2 head machine, is to step up production from the Rentafill RV-1 single head filler and to give an option for customers needing to speed up production without going to the extent of a full production line with conveyor and automatic filling machines.

ICP-M2 includes spool valve setup which allows cold and/or hot filling of products, adjustable nozzle heads with multiple size to suit customer requirements, foot switch and can be setup with hopper or direct inlet connection.

Also available with Plug, PSO and suck-back nozzles to suit your requirement.

ICP-M2 can also be setup on a conveyor as an automatic machine, if the application doesn’t require BUF filling (Bottom up fill).

  • All 316 stainless and food grade contact parts
  • Fully pneumatic operation – flame proof
  • Pneumatics from Festo and SMC only.
  • Full range of interchangeable cylinder sizes from 25ml – up to 1,250ml, allowing fill range of 2.5ml – 1.25 litre.
  • Cylinder sizes 25ml, 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1.25L
  • Easy strip down and cleaning
  • Easy operation and adjustment
  • Highly accurate filling  ± 0.5% or better
  • Fully adjustable fill and recharge speeds
  • Fill volume adjustment with easy to read millimetre accurate digital counter.
  • 304 stainless trolley with high quality locking casters.
  • Fill rates from 20-50 units per minute (product & user dependant)
  • Available with custom 2 port 60 litre hopper constructed with 316 stainless


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