ICP-AC1 Auto capping machine


ICP-AC1 Auto caper is Australian designed and manufactured in Sydney by ICP Packaging Machines Australia. This heavy-duty capping machine is manufactured without compromising quality and has a high focus on reliability.

The ICP Automatic cap tightener is designed to mount on to continuously running slat type conveyor and can tighten a vast range of threaded closures at speeds up to 60 units per minute.

ICP-AC1 works by – Containers arrive at the machine by conveyor, with caps pre-placed upstream manually or by optional automatic cap placement equipment. First, a whisker or photoelectric sensor detects the presence of a container. Then, pneumatic jaws capture the container whilst the caper tightens the cap.

Unique features of the ICP range of cappers is that not like traditional capper machines that only work by a simple single timer for how long tightening motor operates for resulting in under or over-tightening. Instead, ICP Cappers have air torque motors designed to stall out at a given toque that is infinitely adjustable. At the same time, the tightening head descends onto the bottle. In addition, timers freely set the delay and operating dwell times of the cap tightening chuck and the container clamping jaws and gating on the front panel, which allow more adjustment and better efficiency of the process, which then speeds up the process.



  • Sturdy, low maintenance construction.
  • All pneumatic, flameproof version.
  • Container height adjustment handwheel and locking ring.
  • Quick container and capsize changeover.
  • Pneumatic Timer Control Unit.
  • High-quality air motor drive.
  • Precise torque setting via pressure regulator and gauge.


  • Extra high torque motor.
  • IRD (photoelectric eye sensor) upgrade.
  • Range of various tightening chucks.
  • Range of various clamping jaws.
  • Trigger pump tightening attachment.
  • Slat conveyor on caster trolley base. (as per pic above)


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