ICP-5 Filler 500ml – 5 Litre


ICP-5 is a heavy-duty Australian built volumetric liquid filling machine suitable for filling liquids, paste or creams from 500ml – 5 litres.

Includes Bottom Up Fill (BUF) and PSO nozzle as standard.



ICP-5 is a pneumatic volumetric filling machine designed and built in Australia by ICP Packaging Machines Australia, designed to fill any free-flowing product from 500ml to 5 litres.

Perfect for bulk filling of detergents, oils, liquid soaps and or products with malleable solids in suspension.

ICP-5 is a large benchtop style machine that is extremely heavy duty and capable. In addition, it comes standard with a Spool Valve, which can handle hot filling of products up to 95 deg C. The product can be feed directly into the machine via a storage tank/IBC or another storage device.

It comes standard with BUF attachment and 25mm outward opening PSO. However, it can be optioned to suit customers’ requirements.



  • BUF (Bottom-up fill) assembly
  • All 316 stainless and food grade contact parts.
  • Fast toolless removal of contact parts for cleaning.
  • Easy operation and volume adjustment by a mm accurate digital counter. Allows for precise return to previous fill volume without the need to re-calibrate.
  • Fully pneumatic operation – flameproof.
  • Suitable for warm water washdown.
  • High-quality Pneumatics from SMC and Festo.
  • Fully adjustable fill and recharge speed valve controls.
  • Footswitch included for hands-free one-shot cycling.
  • Spool Valve capable hot-filling products up to 95 deg C (i.e. hot sauces)


  • Various inlet connections from 1″- 2″ inch
  • Range of optional powered nozzles from positive shutoff (PSO) nozzle, plug & suck-back nozzle.
  • Stainless steel bench trolley


  • Dimensions w x d x h (mm) 1200 x 450 x 300 (inc handwheel) (Excluding BUF)
  • Weight Approx. 65kg
  • Air Pressure Required (Kpa) 600 (87psi)
  • Fill range of 500ml – 5 litres
  • Product piston fitted with O-ring energised Teflon/HDPE glide ring seal.
  • Quick connect tri-clover product inlet/outlet fittings.
  • Spool valve for use up to 95 deg C.
  • Individually adjustable fill and recharge speed.
  • Fill accuracy ± 0.5% or better.
  • Pneumatic Footswitch for hands-free operation.

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