Aztro Label Applicator


The Aztro model label applicator consists of the following features:

•    One side mounted label head up to 150mm high labels
•    Up/down label head adjustment
•    Orientation wrap module labelling up to 100% label wrap
•    Control cabinet with touch panel controls
•    Opaque label gap sensor
•    Product sensor
•    Stainless steel control cabinet
•    Touch panel controls
•    Label roll diameter O/D 300mm, I/D 76mm
•    Stainless steel side panels and equipment cabinets
•    Base structure of extruded anodised aluminium
•    A label application rate of up to 30 containers per minute

Features and Options on the Aztro model labeller  

•    Twelve function key control panel and LCD display with two lines of 16 digits per label head
•    Microprocessor control board, programmed for:
– format storage
– I/O ports
– shift register for product detecting
•    Setting of:
– label Dispensing speed (up to 25 mt/min depending on label width)
– label offset
– labelling delay
•    One stepper motor driven side mounted label head
•    Up/down label head adjustment
•    Adjustable product guides
•    Orientation wrap module
•    Start /stop and emergency shut off button
•    Base structure of extruded anodised aluminium
•    Stainless steel side panels and equipment cabinets


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