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Call the experienced Rentfill team and we will work with you to provide the most efficient solution to your requirements.

I can’t find the machine I’m looking for. Can you supply machines not on your product list?
All of our machines in stock will be listed in our equipment section, but since we are constantly expanding and upgrading our fleet, we may be able to supply the machine you’re looking for. Contact us here.

Can your machines handle my product?
Our filling machines handle any liquid, cream or paste, including those with suspensions. This includes water, oil, cream, paste, gel, sauce (including those with chunks of food up to about 10mm diameter in them) and anything that can squeeze or flow through a tube.

Unfortunately this does not include powders, granular mixtures or foods which are more solid than liquid (e.g. chicken wings in sauce) though we may be able to recommend methods or other suppliers for these products.

Once you have your product in the container, our capping and labelling equipment is suitable for finishing in most situations.

I have a difficult product that needs a special accessory to package. Do you have this fitting?
We stock a vast range of accessories too numerous to list. If on the off chance we don’t have what you need we will try to find it or make it for you. We have access to a fully equipped engineering workshop to cover most specialised needs in short timeframes.

We are considering rental for a number of months, can you offer long-term discounts?
Definitely. For long term hires we offer the following: Over 3 months = 10% off. Over 6 months = 20% off.

Can you deliver, install, train, maintain and pick up when we’re finished?
This is offered personally by our staff in the greater Sydney area. For interstate customers, phone support and on the ground technicians can be supplied to provide these services as required.

The majority of our equipment is reasonably straight-forward to set up and use. The exception to this is the larger, fully automated pneumatic and conveyor lines that will need technical help to install and maintain. Whatever your situation, we’ll make sure you have all the support you need.

Note: Service calls (other than machine malfunctions covered under warranty) are charged at our standard hourly rate (including transit). TYou are responsible for any damage to equipment and for consumables used (Eg. seals)

I run a mission critical plant where any downtime equals significant financial loss. What sort of after hours service do you offer?
In Sydney, Rentafill can provide 24/7, direct to the technician mobile service for breakdowns and replacements to ensure any downtime is reduced to a minimum. Outside of Sydney this is subject to technician availability and travel times and is generally charged at standard hourly rates unless due to machine failure.

If a machine breaks down, do I have to pay to get it fixed or replaced?
Definitely not. Breakdown and failure in the general course of operation is Rentafill’s responsibility. Give us a call and we will get you up and running as quickly as possible at no charge. If the fault was caused by the operator or other in-house factor we will still get you up and running asap but you will be charged for the service call. You are responsible for consumables (Eg. seals)

I produce flammable goods. Are the machines flame proof?
Yes, we can provide pneumatic machinery to operate safely in these environments.

Can you help me with sourcing bottles/labels/contract manufacturing services etc?
Yes, we are happy to recommend suppliers of complimentary goods and services based on our experience working in the packaging industry.