Tube Sealer

RTS15 Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine
New Model

The Ultra Sonic Technology is recommended for providing a highly professional sealed and trimmed tube.
This Heavy Duty Tube Sealing Machine is suitable for toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, industrial supplies etc. It has a horizontal aluminium alloy structure, stainless steel package, for safety and easy cleaning. With independent platform, vertical / horizontal adjustable worktable, easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency. The RTS15 machine is imported and is fitted with safety guards in our factory. 
Working Principle

Rube Sealer

Utilizing the energy produced by high-speed vibration to heat the plastic tube rapidly and weld it together under pneumatic mechanical pressure, forming the sealing patterns of the tool head while removal of excess material to reach a high quality finish. This machine also has the capability to imprint date and batch codes in the seal.