RRC-1 Automatic Cap Tightening Machine


This is an automatic version of the RC-1 and is designed to mount onto a continuous running conveyor (also available if required). It is capable of handling a wide range of caps, including trigger packs and push on lids.
It comes in a fully pneumatic model (flameproof) or an electric control model. Either model has a stainless steel control box, bottle clamping and gating system, no-bottle no-cap protection, and is fully adjustable for speed and torque.
Rentafill can supply the RRC-1 in free standing mode to attach to the client’s conveyor, or complete mounted on its own conveyor.
  • Easy adjustment for different container sizes
  • Wide variety of chuck sizes to most container types
  • Electric/pneumatic control unit or fully pneumatic-flame proof version available
  • Highly accurate torque settings
  • Can be supplied on conveyor or mounted to customers’ existing conveyor
  • Compatible with Pumptite head for trigger pack & pump tops 
  • Low maintenance operation