RIL-50 Automatic Labeller

The most economical and efficient in terms of capabilities.
Rentafill is proud to introduce the RIL-50 to our rental fleet.
The most economical and efficient in terms of capabilities, the RIL-50 is fast, easy to operate and maintain. This labeller is also flexible enough to handle production schedule and product changes quickly and simply.
Because of the production space can sometimes be limited, the Rentafill RIL-50 offers high-performance turnkey labeling solutions in a small package. Its simple conveyor is designed to make the most of available space, but provided better efficiency production. Portable and economical, the RIL-50 is designed for  table top operation, or can be incorporated into existing conveyor. 
This RIL-50 is designed to apply self-adhesive wrap around labels to round containers.  The user-friendly operating system and microprocessor controls allow easy and fast operation.Printers can also be added for date information.
Portable design
The RIL-50 can be moved easily, so you can set up exactly where you’d like. It can be positioned on a tabletop or bench, or moved in-line for automatic or semi-automatic applications – a convenience not found with heavier, more elaborate labeling machines
Simple to use
With our advanced sensors, the RIL-50 delivers optimal efficiency. Hand wheels provide simple adjustments, enable quick set-up and easy changeover.
Easy to maintain
In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards the RIL-50 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. Additionally, its design enables quick fixes and easy adjustments. Given this durability and easy maintenance, the RIL-50 affords you a solid choice in labeling machine longevity.
Supply voltage: 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
Power consumption: 460 WA
Dispensing Speed: 16m/min max.
Applicator Height: 120mm
Label size: 120mm x 300mm max.
Conveyor Width: 160mm
Spool Diameter: 76mm
Dimension: 1100mm (L) x 870mm(W) x 600mm(H)
RIL-50 series table top automatic labeling machine is the smart choice when high efficiency and low equipment cost are the major consideration. 
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