Rentafill RV-5 Twin

Our new 5-litre twin head piston filling machines offer a simple, easy to operate, reliable solution to a wide range of filling requirements from 500ml to 5litres. Built with Grade 316 Stainless steel, the heavy duty/light-weight design creates a very durable and very mobile machine.

Featuring positive shut-off nozzles and highly precise volume and speed adjustments, the two stage bottom-up filler is available in automatic or trolley mounted models and comes with our usual 12month guarantee. All components are pneumatically operated allowing for very safe operation in flammable and non-flammable environments.

The filler is best suited for liquids and creams such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or household and agricultural chemicals.

Our twin head filler is available for Hire, Sale or through our exclusive Rent-Buy program.