RC-1 Cap Tightening Machine

The Rentafill RC-1 bench model semi-automatic cap tightening machine is Australian designed and built..
The RC-1 Capping Machine's versatility, reliability and ease of use has made it an essential part of many packaging operations. 
With solid construction, high quality components and low maintenance it fits perfectly into the production of companies large and small.
Key Features
  • Fully Pneumatic – flame proof
  • Precise torque settings
  • Quick and easy adjustment 
  • Full range of chuck sizes and materials to handle a variety of containers
  • Fully enclosed pneumatics
  • Can be converted to automatic at a later date
  • Additional capping chucks
  • Trigger/Pump tightening device
  • Air Compressor
  • Dimensions – 56cm (Wide) x 56cm (Long) x 90cm (high).
  • Weight: Approx 18kg
  • Air Pressure – 600 (KPa)/ 0.6(MPa)