Compact-A-Wrap Semi-Automatic Labeller

Compact-a-Wrap is a portable semi automatic Labeller. It is designed to apply one or two labels to round – parallel sided containers. If required a clever orientation device allows Over Labelling or Registration Labelling.

industrially built and provides unparalleled productivity without compromising quality. Built for ease of use and long term reliability the Compact-a-Wr@p is as tough as it looks, made from Stainless Steel and Aluminium.
It is very simple to operate and set up and unlike other semi-automatic Labellers it rewinds the backing paper as you work – removing potential fire and safety hazards. All die cut labels, whether they are clear or opaque, are able to be applied by Compact-a-Wr@p.
Example Applications
  • Wine Bottle Labelling – Front & Back, full wrap or Over-Label pre-labelled bottles
  • Aerosol Can Labeller – with label/s oriented to a seam, full or partial wrap
  • Plastic or Glass Bottle Applicator – Front & Back, full wrap or add spot labels to pre-labelled bottles (opt)
  • Poison or Embossed Bottles – One or Two labels oriented relative to embossing (opt)
  • Plastic Bottles Applicator – One or Two labels oriented relative to the seam of plastic bottles – great for applying clear labels for the “NO Label Look” (opt)
  • Syringes and Vials – Front & Back, or full wrap labels
Optional Devices
  • Over and Spot Labelling – detecting an existing label and adding a new label is straight forward and uncomplicated
  • Registration Labelling – Places labels relative to seams of cans & registration marks on containers
  • Poison and Embossed Containers – Places labels relative to poison marks and embossed glass or plastic
  • Stainless Steel Work Benches – fixed or on casters, supplied flat packed ready to assemble – Dimensions from: 600(L) x 600(W) x 900(H)
  • Printer output – For the activation of an external Thermal Printer – for printing; Use By; Batch Codes or Barcodes – preferred printer for this device is the DATAMAX M-Class