BenchMAX Electric Label Applicator


The Benchmax system has been developed to meet industry demands for excellence. This labeller will apply pressure sensitive/self-adhesive labels to a wide range of cylindrical containers, enhancing your products presentation.

The Benchmax quickly applies a single label, a full wrap-around label or a front and back label in one simple operation. Positioning of a back label is consistently maintained with millimetre precision.
The Benchmax unique sensor detects a greater range of labels accurately and has proven reliability. Controlled label ejection ensures uniform application of the label to the surface of your product.
It is fitted with a foot switch, small bottle attachment and is suitable to interface with a printer for producing barcodes and batch information.
Operators will readily understand the Benchmax’s functions and appreciate its ease of use. Uncomplicated to set up, the labeller requires no special skills or training to label efficiently and effectively.
•  Designed for high output industrial use
•  Single, front & back and wrap-around labelling application system

•  labelling system supports transparent label application